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Chronic pain can have major impacts on your physical health and overall quality of life. At Precision Pain Management, LLC, in Toms River, New Jersey, the team offers pain relief using Botox®. Led by pain management specialist John Coccaro, MD, the team specializes in several alternative non-opioid treatments for acute and chronic pain. To find out if Botox is right for you, book an appointment by phone or online today.

Botox Q & A

What Types of Pain can Botox Treat?

Finding the right treatment for your chronic pain can be a difficult process. Treatment options like physical therapy don’t always solve the problem, and pain medications can lead to serious complications with your overall health. Botox injections are a cutting-edge solution to chronic pain that offers you reliable relief while helping you avoid risky or invasive surgeries.

Botox is a versatile treatment that can treat several different types of pain, including:

● Back pain
● Neck pain
● Chronic migraines
● Myofascial pain
● Nerve pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, Botox can help restore your physical function and effectively manage your symptoms.

How does Botox Work?

Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment well known for its ability to reduce the visible signs of aging. Botox is made from botulinum toxin A, a protein that can temporarily paralyze certain muscle movements that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. When used as a treatment for chronic pain, Botox prevents the muscle spasms and painful nerve signals that contribute to your condition.

Botox typically starts to reduce pain in just a few days. Although Botox is a safe and effective alternative to surgery and other risky treatments, the results aren’t permanent. Depending on your condition, the effects of Botox can last for three or more months. You and Dr. Coccaro discuss the frequency of your follow-up appointments to help you maintain long-term pain relief.

How do I Know if Pain Management with Botox is Right for Me?

Botox is ideal for cases of chronic pain that haven’t responded to conservative care. If you’re running out of non-surgical treatment options, Botox may be an effective solution for your condition.

To determine if Botox is right for you, Dr. Coccaro performs an in-depth evaluation, including a physical exam and review of your medical history. Depending on your symptoms, Dr. Coccaro may perform imaging tests like an X-ray or MRI. After your evaluation, you and Dr. Coccaro sit down to discuss your treatment plan and follow-up visits.

With the right care, you don’t have to live in pain. To learn more about Botox injections for pain relief, call Precision Pain Management, LLC, or book online today.

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