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A car crash can result in both acute and long-lasting chronic pain. If you suffer from an auto injury, book an appointment with John Coccaro, MD, and his team at Precision Pain Management, LLC. Located in Toms River, New Jersey, the practice offers a wide range of treatments, including alternative, noninvasive, and non-opioid solutions. If you’re tired of dealing with pain, schedule your visit by phone or online today.

Auto Injury Q & A

What are Some Common Types of Auto Injuries?

Traumatic car accidents can result in damage to the bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments throughout your body. Common types of auto injuries include:

● Whiplash
● Soft tissue damage (e.g., sprains, strains, and contusions)
● Joint injuries
● Cuts and lacerations
● Herniated or ruptured disc
● Head injuries such as concussion
● Spinal cord injuries

Auto injuries can cause immediate pain as well as chronic pain that lasts well after the initial accident. An auto injury can limit your mobility and reduce your overall quality of life. At Precision Pain Management, LLC, Dr. Coccaro and his team offer a wide range of treatments to relieve your pain safely and effectively.

When Should I See a Doctor after an Auto Accident?

Damage to your bones, nerves, soft tissue, and other structures can result in several different types of pain. Sufferers of auto injuries often experience issues like back pain, neck pain, muscle weakness, numbness, and swelling. In many cases, these symptoms can become severe or debilitating.

If you experience pain following an auto accident, it’s important to seek medical care. Certain conditions like strains, joint injuries, and spinal cord injuries can worsen without effective treatment.

Even if you’ve already received treatment, certain types of auto injuries can result in chronic pain. Precision Pain Management, LLC, specializes in interventional pain medicine for both acute and chronic pain.

What Treatments are Available for an Auto Injury?

Treatment depends on the details of your auto injury. At Precision Pain Management, LLC, Dr. Coccaro develops personalized treatment plans based on an extensive evaluation of your condition. Before discussing treatment, Dr. Coccaro performs a thorough physical exam, imaging tests (e.g., X-rays and MRIs), and goes over your medical history.

Dr. Coccaro communicates with both you and your primary physician to ensure you receive the right treatment. Depending on your auto injury, your treatment plan may include:

● Spinal cord stimulation, such as Nevro HF10® or a Boston Scientific system
● Minimally invasive lumbar decompression (MILD®)
● Radiofrequency ablation
● Regenerative medicine
● Joint and soft tissue injections Botox® injections
● Medication

Precision Pain Management, LLC, offers a wide range of conservative and alternative treatments, such as Suboxone® for

pain management. Dr. Coccaro prioritizes minimally invasive, narcotic-free solutions for acute and chronic pain. To find out which treatment is best for your auto injury, call or schedule your visit online today.

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